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Hidden Witness. Nick Oldham

Hidden Witness

ISBN: 9781780101880 | 224 pages | 6 Mb

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Hidden Witness Nick Oldham
Publisher: Severn House Publishers

This got the Internet riled up at the thought of a grown man evacuating his waste into a plastic container as opposed to a toilet built for humans. So I just got this today and in reading over the rules a couple of times I'm pretty confused by this mechanic. Tells time, Date and Temperature. Dimensions 4.08 inches x 2.3 inches. The story, to the extent that it has one, is similarly hard to get a handle on. No WiFi required, records up to a week. But The Witness offers no context within which to place its knowledge. Before the release of the popular mindbending puzzle game The Witness last week, its developer tweeted something that looked like a jug of urine. I could be missing something right in front of me, it just feels like more bystanders with rescue abilities. Automatic Motion detection recording. There are hidden videos and audio logs, each discussing some philosophical framework of the world in quotes and excerpts. Do the regular bystanders turn into hidden witnesses ? V26 Silent Witness Clock-With Hidden Video Camera- 32 gig SD Card included.